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Who is “CallMeTee?”

Teddy Andre Mingo Jr has been going by the name “CallMeTee” since his soundcloud release days in 2017. He is a rapper, song writer, actor, and model from Los Angeles Ca. He was originally born in LA on December 31, 1996. He grew up in North Long Beach. After releasing quality music on soundcloud he quickly started releasing his music on all platforms in 2019. With his well loved single “No Hook”. After releasing “No Hook” music video it received a couple thousand views which led to him releasing his first mixtape in 2020 “HalfTime”.

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CallMeTee has been working on his music talents since junior high. He didn't begin taking any of it serious until 2015, after high school he released his first song on SoundCloud called "freestyle" under the name "servetyb(take yo bitch)". This lasted for over a year and a half. He constantly dropped different types of songs until changing his name in 2017. With his name changing to "CallMeTee" you could tell the difference in how he approached making music. It became more real and ever more authentic, everyone knew at that moment that he was more than just your average SoundCloud rapper.

About: Bio

After releasing his first mixtape he received a billboard located on Crenshaw and El Segundo. While working on this tape he said "This tape was suppose to drop ln 2019. The intro was wrote in January 2019. It was done a lot of times but I always tried to see what songs will actually go together on it." His work ethic for his music is growing more and more as he continues to write and put together tracks for his projects. He's planning on dropping more music projects but he wants to make sure its quality and makes sense. He wants everyone to know this is just the beginning. If he's not signed, it will take longer to put together something successful so he rather take his time on releasing so it can be well accepted by his audience.

About: Bio
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