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CallMeTee receives Blog from "Thizzler on The Roof" for his newest single "Freak Bitch" LINK BELOW!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

LA’s @realcallmetee releases his newest single “Freak Bitch”, following up his well-known mixtape HalfTime. “Freak Bitch” is already gaining clout, it’s currently featured on the Amber Rose Mixtape Line up and is turning a lot of A&Rs heads after making some noise in CallMeTee’s hometown of LA. Boasting a hella catchy hook and dope production from ProdRxkz, by the time you listen to the whole song, you’ll find yourself singing along with the hook as it ends. Not only is it catchy, it also has great reply value. CallMeTee is an underground gem a lot of people are starting to get to know all about. Be on the look out for CallMeTee. Check out the below!

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